Interview With Beatlounge Radio

Jounce did an interview while in Ibiza with legendary Beatlounge Radio. He had a lot of fun, hope you enjoy! You can click here to view it on the website and read it in Spanish.

01. How long have you been working in the EDM Industry? Please describe what you do, are you just a DJ?
I’m a producer, musician and songwriter. I’ve always liked electronic music and have been writing EDM seriously since 2010. I love that there’s so much you can do with production these days. It’s only as limited as your imagination.

02. What kind of music do you like listening to when you’re alone at your house, or simply not working?
Honestly, I listen to just about anything. Rock, jazz, hip hop … You name it. I guess it depends on what mood I’m in and what I’m doing. I’m not genre specific, meaning I can listen to anything as long as it’s well produced.

03. What do you think are the main differences between the electronic music scenes of Ibiza and the rest of the World?
It’s relatively less commercialized here in Ibiza. But that’s starting to change because EDM has become so mainstream that I think it’s difficult for house to stay 100% pure everywhere, including Ibiza.

04. In regards to the audience, how would you define the one in Ibiza?
One great thing about Ibiza is that there’s really no off days because there’s always something going on. The vibes are consistently positive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single fight or anything stupid. I meet people from all over the world here and they’re just as friendly as your next door neighbor. I love this place.

05. Who would you say are your musical heroes?
Those who are doing it first and foremost for the love of music and expressing their artistry without boundaries. I understand there may be a commercial aspect if it’s also your source of income. But I’m talking about the ones who would still do it with little or no income.

06. How did you get the job to spin alongside Motoe Haus and his DECK SESSIONS residency at El Hotel Pacha born?
My manager Josh Roybal hooked it up.

07. What can we expect from your dates at DECK SESSIONS at El Hotel Pacha Ibiza? Tell us more about the music you play and how you plan your live sets please.
I’m thinking of starting off with some deep vocal house and bringing up the energy a little throughout my set with some house and then some tech house. But I’m going to feel out the vibe in the place and play off whatever feeling the crowd is giving me. I’m mostly known for electro and progressive house but I love chill house as well so I’m really excited about this gig!

08. In addition to El Hotel Pacha, where else on the Island can we see you playing live?
I haven’t had a real vacation in years so I’m just going to enjoy the clubs every night as a normal patron. This is my one week where I’m not thinking much about DJ’ing everywhere or even opening up Ableton. I’m sure I’ll be more inspired by not thinking about anything from a “work” perspective.

09. What advice can you give to any aspiring producer that is just taking his or her first steps?
I’d recommend learning some music theory or playing a musical instrument. It will help you tremendously. Also, it’ll help keep EDM from all sounding like every similar builder kit.

10. A message for your audience at BeatLounge Radio?
Thanks for checking out my music and please keep in touch.