“If you’re a fan of the club scene and electronic/dance music (or even if you’re not), this is an album that must be heard. It’s been a long time since dance music has sounded this grand.”


“Not many minds would be able to piece together the beats that Jounce has and certainly not in the style that he has arranged them. His talents are second to none and Jounce is a mastermind when it comes to dance music.”


“If you are searching out a sound that will have your ass shaking on the dance floor (or at least in your car seat), I highly recommend that you check out Temporal Ascent.”

– Ryo Vie, The Rock And Roll Guru



“Creating a fusion of sounds that are addictive to the eardrums and energizing to the spirit, DJ Jounce ditches the path of ordinary to produce music that could only be described as extraordinary.”


“Embracing his own groove and sharing his passion of what he was destined to do, DJ Jounce’s style is a comforting realization that music is truly the one element in life that brings us all together.”

– Melissa Arditti, The Windsor Square



“If you are having a party or you are about to hit the gym, this album will keep your heart beat pumping.”

Skope Magazine



“Melt In, the first track on Temporal Ascent, immediately amps up the energy and drive with a splendid blend of Electro, House and Techno grooves that’s a deep feast for the listeners’ ears.”


“Well-known for both his solo work and vast collaborations with many diverse artists in the music industry, DJ Jounce prides himself on the fact that ‘everyone’s unique style brings something different to the table, so every song ends up having its own flavor and sound.'”

– mi2n Music Industry News Network